• Image of Beware of Dog - Screenprinted Sign

Dogs are adorable, so you might as well warn the world of your cute pup. This 8 by 10 inch, two-color screenprint was modeled after a small, handpainted sign I made for my own dog. I decided that since I know so many amazing dog owners with adorable pups, that it should also be turned into a screenprint for more people to enjoy.

Available in HE and SHE versions, as well as a THEY version for those lucky enough to have multiple dogs. All you need to do is select which one you need before checkout.

This edition is a two-color print on 100lb, Whip Cream Pop Tone paper from the French Paper Company, and is an unnumbered, open edition.

NOTE: The print in the photo is in a simple frame. This listing is for an UNFRAMED print only.

DISCLAIMER: This is being sold as an art print for decorative or novelty use only, not as a functional warning sign. It has been brought to my attention that in certain municipalities, displaying a sign outside your home or in a window that says "Beware of Dog" could possibly make you more liable for legal action should your dog actually attack someone for any reason.